Day At Sea II: Revenge of the Sunburn

Location: 9°27′ N and 159°45′ W (as of 10am)

It turns out that we spent a little too much time in the sun yesterday.  And we have the red blotches to show it!  So today, we thought it would be a good idea to stay out of the sun and just relax.  Which turned out to be a good plan because it drizzled on and off for most of the day.

We spent some time in the solarium, reading and relaxing in the hot tub.  Ryan attended a lecture on the Leonids (meteor shower) and Rachel spend some quality time in the casino at the blackjack table.

In the evening, we attending the show, a singer, Jack Walker.  He sang a variety of music from opera (nessun dorma) to broadway (music of the night) to more contemporary hits (hallelujah) to 60s rock.  Very entertaining!  And he could sing!

Tonight, instead of our usual dining room for dinner, we decided to go to one of the ships specialty restaurants – Qsine.  It comes at an extra cost, but it is well worth it!  The food was amazing and different.  The menu is on an iPad and the servings are small so you can try a lot of different things.

Sushi Lollipops
Eating at Qsine.
Playing with the dessert menu blocks.

Tomorrow, we cross the equator and take part in the traditional ceremony that goes along with that.  We were warned to not wear nice clothing!!

Word drop: 1

Note: We took a slightly different path than expected, so we will did not cross the dateline today. Instead the (first) dateline crossing will occur sometime early morning Wednesday.

A beautiful sunset seen from our balcony.

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