Day at Sea I: Sun and Surf

Location: About 200-400 miles south southwest of Hilo.

Today was our first of ten “at sea” days. We used today to get our “base burn” allowing for a darker tan in the following days… y’know after the red/purple tans over.

Overall it was a relaxing day. Ryan found his new favorite spot on the ship: the wave pool. While it is supposed to be just an lap pool on the ship, the half meter surf in the direction of the ship’s movement make the water in the pool get very rough every few minutes. It’s like being in the ocean near the beach, but without the sand!

Tonight was also the first of three formal nights. We got dressed up, in a tux and dress, and showed off to the rest of the ship. The evening entertainment was a Broadway style show about ballroom dancing. Rachel enjoyed it, Ryan pretended he did.

Tonight we set back our clocks an hour, our first clock change since arriving in Hawai’i. Tomorrow is another day at sea, and technically the first of four date-line crossings.

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