Some History and the Beach

Today we went to Pearl Harbor. It is on the largest tourist attractions in the state and a must do on everyones’ list. I was very happy with the presentation of the memorial. It wasn’t in your face with jingoism nor commercialized (like everything else on the island). It was a good balance, allowing for reflection on what happened here 70 years ago.

A panoramic view of Pearl Harbor

The movie about the attack stuck to the facts, and left out the editorials of the attack. I don’t think anyone would walk away with anti-Japanese sentiment (unlike the country’s initial response many years ago). It brought tears to my eyes. After the movie, we boarded a ferry to go out to the Arizona memorial. While there, Rachel took pictures and I made every attempt to read the names of everyone who died on the Arizona that day. A separate area showed the names of those who survived the attack, but had their remains “buried” with the Arizona upon their death many decades later.

USS Arizona Memorial
In the USS Arizona Memorial
The flag waving over the USS Arizona Memorial.

Also at the monument we stopped by the memorial to the lost submariners of the Pacific Campaign. I tried to read the names of the all who were lost and the stories of the boats, but was unable due to time.

Submarine Memorial

On the way back from Pearl Harbor, we saw the Millennium again. The driver called her “not a big one”. Either way, she will be our home for almost three weeks very soon.

The rest of the day was spent in Waikiki. It would be too much trouble and too expensive to try to visit the north shore and other beaches. Plus the North Shore was only seeing 2-3 waves. We see bigger waves back in Maryland, so it wasn’t worth the 6 hours of travelling. Next trip, we’ll come in November or December to see the huge ones!

A panoramic view of Waikiki Beach from the ocean.

Either way, the day was productive. We went SHOPPING! I doubled my Hawaiian shirt collection. We also bought two t-shirts that indicated we survived the tsunami earlier this week. I even bought a hand-carved fish hook, with shark teeth. We had this item shipped home to avoid troubled with ship/airport security. It will look great on our Polynesian artifact wall. (Rachel edit: he means tiki-themed room). We also got some magnets for the people back home.

Lastly, spent a few hours on the beach. I played in the ocean; my first real time playing in the waves of the Pacific. Rachel took some great photos. We also took part in a skeet-surfing competition; Rachel took first place!

This concludes the second segment of the trip (Oahu) and the end the first phase (Hawai’i). Tomorrow we start the core of the trip and board the Celebrity Millennium!

Word drops: Zero.

Note: Internet is very expensive on the ship. You should not expect to see Rachel’s excellent photos added to these stories for the next three weeks. It is also quite possible that our posts will be quite short. For reference, it typically takes us about over an hour to type, format, work the graphics for each of these posts. Ideally we would like to limit this to no more than a few minutes when the internet isn’t free.


One thought on “Some History and the Beach”

  1. Your dad and I felt the same way when we saw Pearl Harbor. We will never forget when your father was asked to help raise the American flag. Your dad felt so honored to be asked. Everybody should visit Pearl Harbor and remember the men who died there.

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