Island Hopping

We said goodbye to the Big Island and made our way to Oahu!

First a note to TSA:  Please add more screening machines at the Kona airport.  Two is NOT enough!

After waiting in line for awhile to get into a terminal with a total of 5 gates, we boarded a Hawaiian Airlines plane.  Somehow, we ended up in the last row of the airplane.  It didn’t even have a window.  Luckily, the flight was only 40 minutes long!

Once we arrived in Honolulu, we were greeted by our shuttle service and finally received our first leis.  After sitting in traffic (something we are used to), we arrived at our hotel and checked in.

We decided to make the day a lazy/relaxing day.  We walked around the area a bit and got some lunch.  After, we spent some time at the hotel pool.

Later, we walked towards Waikiki beach and found a nice restaurant for dinner, did some shmying around and headed back to the hotel.

The yummy mai tai Ryan ordered with dinner.

Not the most exciting day, but we needed it.

Tomorrow… off to the Polynesian Cultural Center!

Word drop = 2


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