Transit of Mercury

Location: Maryland Followers of the blog will already know that we're eclipse chasers. We've covered a total solar eclipse, a partial solar eclipse, a total lunar eclipse, and a penumbral lunar eclipse. There are four other types of eclipses that can be seen from earth. An annular eclipse which is similar to a total eclipse … Continue reading Transit of Mercury

The Sacred Valley

Oh yeah, we saw animals this morning. -Rachel Ugghh, I can't believe the Nazca Lines were two days ago, it feels like a week. -Ryan It's been a busy few days. Location: Cuzco -> Sacred Valley -> Agua Calientes Wow, today was another long one. We woke up at 6:00, got breakfast then checked out … Continue reading The Sacred Valley

The Nazca Lines

Location: Lima -> Paracas -> Pisco -> Nazca -> Pisco -> Paracas -> Lima Wow it was a long day. Not 39 hours long, but quite long none-the-less. We woke up this morning at 2:20 AM. Yes "AM". At least we managed to get about four to five hours of sleep prior though. We had … Continue reading The Nazca Lines

Palomino Sea Lion Swim

We should have brought the good camera. -Ryan, near the end of the tour Location: Lima, Peru Today we took a boat ride to Palomino Island to swim with sea lions. Ryan misread the itinerary and thought that we were only taking a very short boat ride out to a nearby island, and that we … Continue reading Palomino Sea Lion Swim

Fun and Games on the Navigator

Location: Middle of the Caribbean and then rounding the west end of Hispaniola north towards Florida Today was our third at sea day of the cruise, so we used today to explore the ship and some of its activities. A little over a month ago we got an email from members of the group asking … Continue reading Fun and Games on the Navigator