Fun and Games on the Navigator

Location: Middle of the Caribbean and then rounding the west end of Hispaniola north towards Florida Today was our third at sea day of the cruise, so we used today to explore the ship and some of its activities. A little over a month ago we got an email from members of the group asking … Continue reading Fun and Games on the Navigator

So this happened today in Aruba

Location: Aruba So we were in Aruba today and this happened early in the morning: A few months Ryan was inspired by the commercial featuring a father humiliating and hurting himself doing one of those water jetpack things. So when he saw that it was an excursion option for Aruba he jumped at the chance … Continue reading So this happened today in Aruba


Location: Curaçao Today we visited Curaçao for the first time. Admittedly we didn't know very much about the island before we arrived. We knew that it wasn't far from Aruba, that is has an orange flavored white liquor, and that former Baltimore Oriole Jonathan Schoop was born here. In fact, Ryan wore an Orioles Schoop … Continue reading Curaçao

Snorkeling Bonaire

Location: Kralendijk, Bonaire Today we made port in Bonaire. The 'B' in the ABC islands, and the least populated of the three islands. It has about 20,000 residents. It is best known for its SCUBA diving and snorkeling. The sea surrounding the island is part of the national maritime park. So naturally we went on … Continue reading Snorkeling Bonaire

Booby Watching

Location: Earlier traveling south through the Mona Passage Between Hispaniola and Puerto Rico. Presently in the exact middle of the Caribbean sea. Today was our second day at sea of the cruise. We slept in and then spent most of the morning booby watching on the veranda of our stateroom. We were traveling past the … Continue reading Booby Watching

Dragon’s Flight

Location: Labadee, Haiti We made port in Labadee, Haiti this morning. We've been to Labadee a couple of times before. This is a private peninsula leased to Royal Caribbean International. It's technically Haiti, but it's effectively a highly secure private resort and theme park. They've built up the reservation a lot over the last few … Continue reading Dragon’s Flight

70th Birthday Cruise

Location: Maryland -> Florida -> rounding the east coast of Cuba We are going on another cruise! This time in honor of Leigh's 70th birthday. This time we'll be departing out of Miami and visiting Labadee and the ABC islands. A few months ago we started looking at flights for this trip and discovered that … Continue reading 70th Birthday Cruise

Super Blood Wolf Moon

Location: Maryland If you read this blog, you know we are eclipse chasers. We'll travel to the other side of the world to see a total eclipse. We'll travel someplace we already wanted to go for a 95%+ partial or annular (that trip was in the pre-blog days). But for a total lunar eclipse... we're … Continue reading Super Blood Wolf Moon

Christmas Time on the Silhouette

Location: St Kitts -> Fort Lauderdale -> Port St Lucie We disembarked from the Silhouette this morning. The previous two days were uneventful "at sea" days, so we're combining the last few days into a single post. Two days ago we did the usual "at sea" activities. Tanning and blonding during the peak burning hours, … Continue reading Christmas Time on the Silhouette